SSL Not working at


Hi, I have changed my nameservers at (Germany) but SSL is not working. I changed plenty of settings in the system ( from enabled to full etc.) but do not at all understand why and what. Ans still not working :slightly_frowning_face:
Maybe i did something wrong…?


I have a free certificate at 1und1 which I can not use because of the nameserver settings.




Is that your host or your registrar? You’d need to change them at your registrar. Whats the domain?


Apologies, the domain is
1and1 is the host and registrar.

I did change nameserver 1 and 2 as required when I signed up Cloudflare.
But with all the other settings that Cloudflare shows me in grey, I am lost.




Your DNS setup is alright, but you are not tunnelling requests through Cloudflare (everything is :grey: instead of :orange:). If you want to use the Cloudflare certificate all web-related hosts need to be tunnelled (:orange:).


Sorry but I do not understand tunnelling. My translation program tells me it means to _build a tunnell :shushing_face:
Must I change the settings at Cloudflare or at 1and1 ?




Close enough :slight_smile: “tunnelling” as in redirecting all requests through Cloudflare.

You need to make the change at Cloudflare, in your DNS settings, switch :grey: for the first four hosts in your screenshot to :orange:.


Ok did that. Just one grey cloud left. the CNAME

CNAME is an alias of

Sure I need to leave that?

Otherwise its the 24 hours waiting game I guess?



Now your domain does not point to Cloudflare anymore. You need to change the nameservers back.


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