SSL not working after 48 hours

Hey, i have installed SSl on my site via cpanel two days ago and i even forced HTTPs but nothing worked and it still says that the site is not secure. how do i fix this ?

Hi @redpilltactics,

Did your site work with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare? If not, you should pause Cloudflare, get HTTPS working on your server and then re-enable it.

well all I did was installed the certificate onto the cpanel and changed it from flexible to full

Ah, so is it a Cloudflare Origin Certificate that you’ve added through cPanel? If so, your SSL/TLS mode should be Full Strict.

What’s your domain that’s having the issues?

yes a Cloudflare Origin Certificate …my domain is its a new site

I’m getting a 521 error, that usually means that your site isn’t working with HTTPS from your host’s side. If you are on managed hosting, can you ask them for help with this?

What should i ask or tell them?

by the way this never happened before on my other sites …any particular reason why its happening now ?

No idea, as long as that origin certificate is installed and your SSL/TLS is Full Strict, it should be fine from Cloudflare’s end.

Can you pause Cloudflare on the site so we can see the certificate straight from the origin?

@redpilltactics Is this issue resolved, cause I don’t get the 521 error

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