SSL not working - 2

Hello I bought a domain on Hostinger and now set up Cloudflare
But when I go on my website page it pops up my hosting service asking to purchase SSL for that page
Since I thought Cloudflare could generate one for me which is the issue? My website is only showing their page and not my content

Are you sure your SSL setting in Cloudflare is set to “Flexible”? And you are sure that the nameservers for your domain are pointed to the ones Cloudflare gave you. You can check at

Many thanks

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yes here is my panel :frowning:

Ok I think this is an hosting issue, since they provide paid SSL they do not accept it from me :frowning:
My website needs to be SSLd before being hugged from Cloudflare so I think I will just self host and craft my own SSL :sunglasses:

I self-mark this as SOLVED

PS: advice for newbies → learn to self host (small projects) so you do not have to rely on weird hosting services which obviously get the bread from your data and SSL (which are free)

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