SSL Not Work on my website

The SSL not work on Can you please tell me why?

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare nameservers. You first need to fix that.

Ok, Changed it but still my site not work.

Well, now you need to wait until your site validates on Cloudflare and then a bit more until the certificate is issued.

Wait for about 24 hours and then check again.

I can see this message " Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site" Also under the under the crypto i can see “Active Certificate” So still i have to wait 24 hours?

Your certificate seems to be already issued at this point however you are redirecting to a “www” host, which you havent set up in your DNS records.

So what i have to do now?

Set them up maybe :wink:

The big question is why my site not work with ?

You are redirecting to nowhere. Please follow the tutorial I just posted.

I already did this.

And because of this it now does work

If it still does not work for you, simply wait until your resolver updated the record.

does it work after few hours?

Presumably, but that depends on your resolver. In general, it is set up correctly now and works.

Ok, Let’s wait then. You can see the site?

I can.

You can see the site with ??

Didnt I just answer that?

No, You did not. I need answer that from you that you can open the site with this URL ???

And this?