Ssl not verfied

Ssl not verified for website

Please help me to fix that

You site is not behind Cloudflare.

The Certificate has been issued for a different domain.

Set the DNS records to :orange: ans SSL to “Full”.

I changed to orange but I got that error
Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user

Hi, it’s worth searching that error on the community, seems it’s something to do with your account on the origin server or you’re perhaps pointing to the wrong IP on your DNS page?

IP is correct when I changed Cloudflare from orange to gray works fine.

Hope find a help

If you pause Cloudflare, do you see the issue?

You did not understand me,I said I am sure IP correct not need pause Cloudflare.

@cloonan asked you to try this to confirm it, I think he did understand but just wanted to check this as part of troubleshooting.

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Thank you for help me

I checked Cloudflare not paused.

When you paused Cloudflare and tried your site again, did you still get:

‘Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user’

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