SSL not showing up on subdomain

My Subdomain page is showing without the SSL certificate (not secured http)

I recently created a CNAME record for a subdomain used by an A/B testing tool and I have Universal SSL Status Active Certificate

I also have * added as a host, which should cover all subdomains.

Should I just wait for proper propagation and everything? or am I missing something?

Is the subdomain possibly a double subdomain? eg Wildcard certificates are limited to only the first level of subdomains.

no, it’s a simple first level subdomain, just added it the CNAME record to configure for instagape.

Does it work if you manually go to the https:// version?

it does!

Try turning on “always use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS rewrites” in the SSL/TLS app. If that messes with the main domain or other subdomains, you can create a page rule matching ** and set “Always use HTTPS” there.

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