SSL not recognize by some users?

I wasn’t sure how to even approach this question so forgive my ignorance. Is it possible for just certain users on the web to not be able to see CF SSL certificates?

This is a Wordpress site utilizing CF for SSL and some mx records for a couple years without a hitch but now the company owner says customers keep getting the “website is unsecure” message from the browser. The site works flawlessly for me on all my networks, after cache flushes, private tabs etc. It’s almost like their network settings are having issues seeing the real-time site IP and gaining access thru the certificate. I want to say the company owner is full of it but it’s definitely giving them the message but I don’t know how to debunk it when only one person says the SSL won’t work for their workstation. My thinking is it’s something in their ISP not dumping DNS cache or their internal server settings are being stored. Any ideas on what logs to check or how to debug this? Thanks in advance.

What is your SSL mode?

Run a test here for mixed content:

If you Pause Cloudflare, does it load successfully when using https?

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I ran the test and it passed everything except TLSv1, but that’s not really related.

It is set at “Full” currently. I just changed another setting that I read about which was One thing that I found under my DNS SSL was the Edge Settings, which I set to “Always use HHTPS”. Maybe that is all that was needed?

You want to change this to “Full strict”, otherwise it won’t validate the connection.

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