SSL not propogating to network solutions webmail

Joshua Allen

May 8, 2024, 8:22 AM CDT

I use Netowrk Solutions for email. I not able to login on their webmail.
For some reason cloudlfare is not allowing for the cname records to be propagating.
Network solutions is requring cname records and Cloudflare not allowing them to be propagated.
So I am getting an SSL error.
Please help!

Can you show the CNAME you have set and where it is pointing to in a screenshot from your Cloudflare DNS? (and give the domain name).


sorry disregard that picture…here is the correct one.

The CNAMEs for email (mail, smtp, pop, imap, autodiscover) should all be “DNS only” and not “Proxied”. Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic (unless you use Cloudflare Spectrum).

If you are visiting a web page using a CNAME then for the certificate to be trusted then the hostname must be included in the certificate.

Thank you…so please tell me exactly what I need to do or change in order for the email to flow throw network solutions properly.

Your records are resolving ok according to what you set. You’ll need to check with Network Solutions if you are having mail problems or to confirm if what you have set is correct.

Looks all good now! Thank you