SSL not issuing

I am stuck on issuing certificate from about 3 days, maybe something is blocklisted in

I’d recommend opening a ticket directly with support if you haven’t already.

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Have you updated your nameservers to use Cloudflare yet? SSL won’t issue otherwise.

same here, did you solved your problem ?

I didn’t do anything, it issued itself I don’t know how!
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

how can i order a new SSL?
been authorizing 5 days
i added cname in hostmonster, still waiting for 5 days

There was an issue this week with SSL cert provisioning. You can read the incident report here.

It looks to be resolved at this point, however there may be some lingering issues. I suggest you contact Cloudflare support directly: supportATCloudflareDOTcom

i tried the support. but there is nobody there . when i go to support i only found a Help Center
nobody there to answer human questions. i will keep waiting. i have no other choice

I believe support agents work 24/7/365 and will respond if you email the address I provided. I think this is your best option during the weekend presently.

where are those agents? please link me because support sections is only a Help Center

Please email the address I provided above.

I do not know where the support agents are located geographically. Cloudflare has offices in several global locations however.

well i didn’t mean geographically., i meant in the website
i didn’t see any email
I am sorry i don’t speak English very well
but thank you for answering me
I will keep waiting for active SSL

I don’t want to post it in pain text to prevent it from getting crawled and spammed, so here’s a picture of the email address:

I also found this form.

I suggest you choose just one method of contact.

We have support teams located in San Francisco, Austin, London, and Singapore. They can always be reached by emailing the address @anon13938084 provided, or by logging into your account and clicking Support to visit the Help Center. Simply complete a search and you should be able to submit a ticket.