SSL not issued for me

Hi, I got the same issue. Still pending for being issued. It has been 1 day under “Authorizing Certificate”

I have not yet contacted the support and I’m on the free version at the moment for testing.

Any idea how to fix it?

Thank you

Hi @karibu, it looks like the zone was added, then removed and then added again with nameserver reconfirmed about 24 hrs ago. It will take us about that long to provision the certificate. Once we do that, you may want to set ssl to Full (Strict) as it appears you have a cert in place on the origin. If you don’t see any change in the next few hours, you can try to toggle ssl off, wait 5 minutes, and then on again.

Thanks Cloonan. Will wait a bit more and toggle it off as you shared.

I just did, but no change. Still pending. Any thing else I can try?

Thank you

I’m still optimistic it will provision, but as a justincase, open a ticket with support in case they need to reorder. Please post back with ticket number.

Thanks Cloonan,
Will wait further, hoping to get it provisionned

I’ve just created a ticket (1622900)

Thank you for your help!

Thank you, I see the ticket, added notes from here and a cc to me. Can you re-enable universal ssl and set it to Full (strict)?

Yeeaah! All good now. Thanks Cloonan!!


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