SSL Not Getting Remove On Site

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I have facing a problem actually i was using Free Cloudflare SSL Plan But Now i have removed my site from Cloudflare and Change my domain DNS But still my site is getting redirect to https even i have remove SSL From my hosting and Change my Domain DNS.My sub-domain are working on http but main domain is getting redirect on HTTPS. Now What Shuld I do.

Your NS are pointing to your hosting, not to Cloudflare. You should check your origin configuration file, such as .htaccess, to see if it is causing the redirect. Also, a CMS, such as WordPress, may have a redirect in place, either on its main config page, or via a redirection plugin.

You may need to contact your hosting support in case you cannot find any such redirect in place.

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The header is showing: X-Redirect-By: WordPress

So this tells me that WordPress is set to use HTTPS for your site. You may want to change it in wp-config.php:

define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );

i have contact to godaddy but they always says that you should need to contact your ssl provider

Which is not Cloudflare. I am afraid.
This is something that needs to be done on your origin. Follow @sdayman 's advice.

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Dear i have done that but site is still not working

Your domain is not protected by Cloudflare, so please contact GoDaddy or who ever provided the certificate. We cant help you, I am sorry.


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