SSL Not full installed on home page


I have been using flexible cloudflare ssl for a while now, recently i am seeing is that on home page URL it is showing https but not green sign on it after clicking that https it shows me “Your Connection to this site is not fully secure”

Any help would be appreciative.


Have a look at this guide.

Thanks for your help…

But I was getting the same error earlier as i have not installed any plugin then also it was showing https in green, but now in some posts it shows green and in home page it shows https without green.

If you verified everything in that guide, then it’s probably just your browser cache that needs to be cleared.

I have cleared the browser cache then too it shows same issue. https doesn’t show in green i have also activated Automatic HTTPS Rewrites in cloudflare…

You’ll get mixed content if just one item is served over http. What’s the domain?

I’d try the suggested plugins. They should correct the issue.

Sorry i didn’t get you… can you elaborate…

The plugins to correct mixed content are listed under *Resolution towards the bottom of the guide.

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