SSL not enaging on site

Hello, Last for the night: Purchased SSL from Cloudflare. Checking ssl with SSL checker, it’s there. I have two rules in Cloudflare to redirect to https always. and if redirect to secure straight domain without www and with SSL. Yet, when I go to the site with https - I get the “Your connection is not secure” message. If I go with the www, I get the: Future home of something quite cool. cpanel message. Not sure why.

If I go into the cpanel admin to the installatron and this site, I’m unable to add the s: in the field for location url and get this message: ! Unknown website `https : //’. - All Godaddy says is that the problem is that I’m running the SSL through Cloudflare and it won’t recognize it. This sounds incorrect. Am I missing some connection here between the hosted site and the DNS/SSL?

I get a secure connection to your site, but it’s a Parked domain page. Try setting your SSL here to “Flexible”.

That helped. Thank you. Now to add something like ReallySimple SSL to force it throughout the site, all scripts, etc.

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I have the same problem but this trick is not working in my website
I am using free ssl.

reply please…

Still don’t have the green padlock even with rules in CF and using Really Simple SSL. Any suggestions as to how to get the green padlock? Rules are working - that’s good!

Is the green padlock missing because I set the SSL/TLS to flexible instead of full or strict?

Hi @susan1, it’s working for me, http redirects to https and page loads securely. Are you still seeing issues?

@mr.abhay90, loads securely. Are you still seeing issues?

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