SSL not enable

Hello, i wanted to discuss an issue here. At start when i added my new website i just off and on orange clouded default settings and an addition turned on orange cloud for CNAME which default was off, yesterday night when i contact to support they told me one of my A, AAA are not orange clouded.
Then i set all settings same as default because my other website is also have default settings. But after all still my website is not accepting ssl or https address. Need some assistance.

What’s the domain?

1 Like is the link, i also asked in another forum and all said https is working but the problem is i am not able to access with https in my browser even on my cell phone. both pc and phone is connected to my same wifi.

Hi @aleikram,

I also see the site fine with :ssl:, if it is the same issue on a particular network, there may be a cached DNS value that is causing the issue. It will probably resolve itself after a short while.

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@domjh thanks buddy for your and @sdayman, assistance, i think i will have to wait now becuase everyone telling me the same thing and i saw all of my web traffic is coming through cloudflare (analytics).
Once again thanks cloudflare community and others who helped me.

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To inform all my website got SSL activated itself. I haven’t install anything. Prove:

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