SSL not active on my site

I have set up Cloudflare correctly and the name servers have propagated. However, the SSL is still not active on my site so I get a certificate error. The SSL/TSL settings are on and full (option is chosen) but still is not getting activated.

Please help.


Should be Full Strict, Full is still insecure.

What’s the domain?

The instruction is for flexible so I have put that only.

These are wrong instructions and will make your site insecure. You should switch that to Full Strict.

It’s best to pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right), fix whatever needs fixing on your server, and unpause Cloudflare only once the site loads fine on HTTPS.

I don’t find the Pause button. However, I have changed it to full strict as you suggested. However, the error is still coming.

Ok Sorry I see the Pause button.

All right, but why did you unpause Cloudflare already? You haven’t fixed your server yet.

As I wrote

I have paused my site. Can you please take a look? I have no idea what is wrong with my server.

All right, the site seems to be actually loading now, however only on HTTP.

As I mentioned before, you now need to get it working on HTTPS. Talk to your host about that. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, then you can unpause.

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