SSL not active for 48 hours

I have registered and paid for Cloudflare through hostinger hosting service 48 hours ago. The site states that the SSL will be active in 24 hours but it has been 48 hours since I registered. My https is not working and there will be disturbance and user loss on Monday if it does not get activated urgently. I would like to know why this is happening? I have no idea why the SSL is still not up and running!

Is the SSL status on your dashboard “active”?
What’s the error message when you try to access your site via HTTPS?

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Your SSL certificate still hasn’t been issued. Open a Support ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Going on a 5th day that my https is not working. It was working perfectly fine with my old hosting service and now nothing ever since I registered to your site. The support ticket has been up for 3 days. This whole Cloudflare thingy made me loose almost %50 of my traffic this past week. My website is faster because the traffic is gone…

I’m sorry to hear it’s taking long, that’s really frustrating. Now that you have a ticket open, you can follow these directions for extra support:

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