I’m receiving a “ssl_mismatch” error message from android phone (note 8) when on cellular connection, but not when on wifi. I don’t receive the error on PC, Mac, or iPhone. I’ve restarted the phone, cleared the cache in the browser, and wiped the cache partition, still no luck. Any thoughts?

Try (for your domain) on your phone and see if you’re actually going through Cloudflare.

If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

Domain name is

Do you get same error for other https addresses? Are you redirected to a Captive Portal?

No, only my site as far as I can tell. I even did a factory reset of the phone because that was the last step in troubleshooting that I found. Still no luck.

What browsers you have tried on that phone?

No captive portal. Attached is a screenshot when clicking the link from Facebook.

And from directly navigating to the site from chrome

This is a similar situation which fixed by disabling/enablig SSL in Crypto section of CF panel.

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