SSL Mismatch

I’m running a Grafana instance on Digital Ocean, which works perfectly if I access it directly, but as soon as I connect through the Cloudflare proxy and the access function, I’m getting the following error in the browser:

As it’s working when I connect directly, I assume that somethings with Cloudflare is not ok. What do you think?

When did you add your domain to Cloudflare?


It takes up to 24 hours for the certificate to be issued and deployed. Have 24 hours passed already?

You can :grey: the record while waiting.

24h have already passed. In the settings I can see, that there’s a and a * certificate.

It can take some while until the certificate is active, during which you could receive that error.

So the error yesterday was likely due to it having been newly added. At this point it should be working however. Could you post the URL?

You mean In that case the certificate issued by Cloudflare would not cover any fourth-level domain.

So I need to add a * certificate? Currently I have some domains with * which are already running with the Cloudflare proxy and the access feature.

You need a paid plan to do so

Ok, that’s a bit strange, because fourth level dns entries I can create.

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