SSL Mismatch Error Help Please


So, not sure why im getting this error when running speed tests on gtxmetrics and other similar sites. I have my own ssl so i don’t need Cloudflares ssl…

I disabled universal ssl in the cryto tab, could this be the reason for the error?


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Cloudflare is a proxy, and because it has features such as rate limiting, DDOS mitigation, etc, it can’t directly proxy your origin website’s SSL certificate.

You’ll need to do one of:

a. turn Universal SSL back on
b. upgrade to the business plan and upload your own certificate
c. Turn the DNS for your domain/subdomain to :grey: grey clouds, which will disable the proxy, ddos protection, etc

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If i do step C - will i still have all the speed, caching benefits? also what about full strict mode?

C makes Cloudflare only handle your DNS, like it would if you were using any other DNS provider, so it would also disable the CF CDN.

Full (strict) just verifies that the certificate your website sends over is valid for the domain, so if the certificate is expired, or isn’t valid for the specific website/subdomain, Cloudflare will error out.

So, what should i do…my only option is free plan. Will setting it to full strict mode fix this error i keep getting when using these speed testing tools?

You will need to re-enable universal SSL, as you can’t use your own certificate unless you’re on the business plan.

Okay, and keep it on full mode strict?

If your origin has a valid certificate, or you’re using the origin CA, then you can. Both SSL and SSL strict will work with your setup.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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