SSL misconfig

The domain in question is studioinaminute .com which I removed from my Cloudflare account yesterday, 9.26, because the www wasn’t resolving as expected to my Shopify store since the setup on 9.18.

Previous setup to 9.18: The www was a CNAME in Cloudflare pointing to Clickfunnels.

On 9/18: The www was removed from the Clickfunnels platform and the domain was paused in Cloudflare. Updated the A, and CNAME record in GoDaddy to point to Shopify. Added the domain and www in my Shopify.

From the 18th to 26th, the www.studioinaminute .com was going to clickfunnels instead of shopify.

On 9/26: Rules and redirect were removed from the paused domain, then removed from cloudflare. While the domain studioinaminute .com resolved as expected to Shopify, the www.studioinaminute .com is still going to the clickfunnels homepage.

The domain DNS records are setup correctly with the registrar, GoDaddy, as I have the domain’s A record pointing to thee Shopify IP and the www is a CNAME pointing to shops.myshopify .com.

I even tried purging the public cache from Google, OpenDNS and even using https://cloudflare-dns .com/purge-cache/? with no success.

Because the DNS is setup correctly, GoDaddy says it was Shopify. Because it’s setup correctly on Shopify, they say it’s an old SSL/DNS config but the domain was deleted from Cloudflare on 9/26.

I’ve sent this in as a ticket but because I’m on the free plan, it could take 2 days before they see and/or address this. I think this is something only they can fix as it looks to require updating the SSL config.

Here’s the HTTP response check I did which still points the www to in the ‘Set Cookie’: HTTP response header check | Uptrends

Try escalating at Shopify. You did everything right. Shopify has a very expensive contract with Cloudflare that includes 1-hour email response and live chat. They should be able to get Cloudflare to fix a website that points to a Shopify IP address. If Shopify’s past behavior is any indication, they’ll have absolutely zero interest in fixing the problem with their product.

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