Ssl Lock not green on Amp pages


Sir I am using Cloudflare from six month it’s working well but when I use AMP on my website green lock not showing on Amp pages.
Ssl work good on Normal pages.
Plz check my website page and give me a solution of this problem
Thanks in advance
Regards vandana


It appears the AMP version fo your page is calling which results in an insecure content warning.


How can I fix it plz tell me in details


Thank You cscharf sir,
I have remove that image and problem solved.
Thank you so much :+1:


You could try out page rules to redirect this request vom HTTP to https with a “301”, or redirect all traffic to https in your webserver configuration or edit your website code and set an absolute link to this picture using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

All assuming that you webserver accepts SSL connections

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