SSL Loading Problems

Hiya all,
How are you? Staying safe? Good. Maybe someone could help me with this little tiny problem that i have with my server since i moved on Cloudflare…
Im using latest version of WHM/cPanel. Im having a valid certificate installed. On Cloudflare i set the ssl mode on Full. Im using the default ssl protocols and cipher from WHM with openssl 1.1.1 installed on server itself
The problem is that the wait time is very high since i did the move on Cloudflare. Sometimes it can take up to 25s and i cant find out why. Before it was very low.

The problem here is not SSL but that your site simply takes too long to return the content. You need to fix this on your server.

Well i just pause cloudflare and everything is back to normal. 0.16s load instead of that 9s.

Well, with the available information it is impossible to say anything more.

What information would it be required?

There is a reason why is a pinned topic :wink:

Also, I’d strongly suggest to use the search as performance topics have been extensively covered and in 99% of the cases it is something to fix on the server.

Its nothing on the server. This help is useless. Bye and thank you