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Hello could you help please to understand what problem with - it’s not opening. I have let’s encrypted SSL on but it’s not working.

I use Full mode in SSL in Cloudflare.

The www is a second-level subdomain. The Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate only covers and * You will need to use the Advanced Certificate to cover this hostname.

Use only “Full (strict)” to ensure your origin SSL certificate is validated.

Thank you. But if I switch to Full (Strict) the site doesn’t work.
Do you know why?

Can I use my own Let’s encrypted SSL certificate instead of Cloudflare?

If you have a Business or Enterprise plan, then you can upload your own certificate…

May be:

  • The Universal SSL certificate issue as already mentioned
  • Your origin SSL certificate isn’t valid or installed correctly

Pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS record to “DNS only”, and check the site works directly to the origin first. Then you can re-enable the proxy.

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Thanks a lot! Your suggestions helped.

The problem was with SSL. A regenerated SSL and changed mode to Full (strict) and now all are working good. and too.

This one won’t work with the proxy unless you use the Advanced Certificate.

Yes, you are right. I just setup a redirect from to by page rule.
It’s enough)

Thank a lot!

That still won’t work when proxied, since redirects to https (or if going to https directly), so it still needs the SSL certificate for before the browser can reach Cloudflare to be redirected.

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