SSL layers for white label SaaS

Hey, we have a SaaS that offers SSL on our subdomains, we added a white label option where users can point their own domains to our subdomain to completely hide our branding.

The problem is that after we got SSL on our sub-domain, the white label feature start breaking and our developers are unsure (as its an earlier developer that coded this part)

My question is, can this be solved by upgrading the Cloudflare account?

This is the error from Cloudflare to our Cloudflare sub-domain: ERROR: 1014 Cross-user banned
This is the error from another prover to our Cloudflare sub-domain: ERROR: 1001 DNS resolution error

*another prover = another domain provider

Hello there,

I went through your query here. It looks to me there’s misconfiguration from either end could be. I recommend you to read the suggestions given by the experts in the field. Read this carefully.

Yep you need a paid version. Check the available plans.

For more information on this, you can :search: the forum as well for additional answers.

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