SSL keeps disconneting


I’ve setup the flexible ssl certificate and followed all instructions.

It works for a while but every now and then it changes to not secure and the website is not accessible

Why is this happening?

That s a very bad error description. What happens exactly? What’s the domain? If you don’t want to make it public be as verbose as possible.

Infomational link about flexible SSL.


The domain is

What happens is the it shows secure for a while then all of a sudden it becomes insecure and prompts users not to visit the website.

It’s working for me.

What’s the error message in this case and where does it happen? On the mai page, or particular links? Accoriding to your description it must be some kind off SSL error, like CERT_AUTHORITIY_INVALID.

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This is the error message i get now and then, it happens for a while then goes back to secure

‘Show Details’ … Please :slight_smile:

Does this happen for visitors from particular countries or networks?

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