SSL issues with subdomains

Good day,

I cant figure this out, I have turned on SSL for my site as well as I downloaded the Flexible SSL plugin everything is working just fine… Within that same domain I have 2 sub domain example, and /sitedemo2 and because the parent domain is SSL the other 2 sites are giving me mixed content and not loading the page correctly. It makes sense as why these subdomains are not working because they not real domains and therefore I can leverage Cloudflare "Full (strict) ssl.

Any idea on how to fix this mix content issue for my two subdomains?

Thank you

Those are subdirectories, not subdomains. They all fall under the same SSL certificate as the parent directory.

In the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page, make sure you have “Always Use HTTPS” turned on as well as “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.” If that doesn’t fix everything.

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