SSL issues on Old Domain & New hosting

I’ve hosted my domain on DigitalOcean a year ago. Recently a couple of months ago i forgot to renew the hosting so i lost my data.

Now, i’ve moved on to new hosting company. It’s been over 30+ hours i’ve migrated to new hosting. my SSL status is still Universal SSL Status Authorizing Certificate

what i did is

  1. Installed SSL Certificate in Let’s Encrypt from my cPanel
  2. Changed DNS info in CF.

i’ve been waiting since 30 hours, my site not accessible on https:// , i can access it over http://

This is the error message i’m getting https:// version of my site

" This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


Please Help.

Thanks In Advance.

First, contact support login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Next, read this thread:

thank you!

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