SSL Issues and DNS Issues

Greetings, I’m having trouble using SSL. I got Dedicated SSL type via payment.

I went to page rules and forced them to use HTTPS. After doing this I keep getting:

*********’s server DNS address could not be found.

For some odd reason I turn off the page rules and it’s still bugged now. I contacted the support and suggested me to go to community support. So here I am.

I tried contacting my hosting to get the IP for my domain to set an A Record, although they said they won’t be able to because it’s hosted with Cloudflare now. Any support?

Please check whether the:

  • NS record of your domain is correct
  • A record and/or AAAA record is listed and correct at Cloudflare Dashboard
  • domain name you typed on your browser is correct

Once you verified those are correct, try accessing your site again. If you still get the error message, try to flush the DNS cache at your device. If the error persists, contact Cloudflare Support for help.

Also, this article may be of help: How to fix ‘err_name_not_resolved’? - Cloudflare Support.

Additionally, your hosting provider should be able to tell you the IP address of the server you used to host your website. Even with Cloudflare on, they should have kept a record of which server you used.

Well, I’m looking at the page where all the records show. I don’t see any. No Records at all oddly. I don’t really know how to find the IP of my domain because the hosting I got the domain from says I need to contact Cloudflare.

Sorry, I’m sorta new to this stuff.

@PanIk I think we need to solve your DNS issues before we can address the SSL.

You’re looking on the Cloudflare dashboard > DNS tab and nothing is listed? If you don’t have any DNS records displayed I might suggest that you recreate your site in the Cloudflare dashboard. Recreating the site will scan your domain for all DNS records and they will appear in the Cloudflare dashboard per this article (# 4 & 5).

Note that deleting and recreating your site will revert any changes you have made in the dashboard to their default settings, so depending on how you have things set up you may want to make some notes first if you proceed with recreating the site.

In every host, cPanel or control panel, there is being written server IP address. Even for FTP/SFTP. Can you check again?

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