SSL Issue & Wrong DNS?

We have an SSL issue ( Webflow says there is conflicting DNS records ( and but there are no such records in my cloudflare DNS. I’m confused because everything was working fine for a long time.

Your records are proxied so DNS queries return Cloudflare IP addresses. Requests go to Cloudflare for any protections or features to be applied, then Cloudflare forwards the request to your server using the IP addresses you entered.


Your site is giving error 525 which means Cloudflare can’t connect securely to your server/host. You will need to fix the problem there. You can pause Cloudflare or set the DNS records to “DNS only” so requests go direct to your host and you can fix the issue, then re-enable Cloudflare.

So our domain is through Siteground. I already asked them for assistance and they said to go to Cloudflare so it seems like I’m getting mixed messages?

Also how do I set it to ‘DNS only’?

Okay so I managed to turn it to DNS only and now it’s suddenly working?? How does that work?

You can pause Cloudflare, as here…

Or edit the DNS records here to change “Proxied” to “DNS only” in your dashboard here…

Then requests will go direct to Siteground and bypass Cloudflare, check you can connect using https:// to your site there, then you can re-enable Cloudflare.

So i turned it to DNS only and now everything is connected and working again. How does that work?

Changing to DNS only may have been required by Siteground to confirm you are using their IP address/CNAME as they have only just created your SSL certificate for your domain.

You will probably find switching back to the proxy will now work. However whenever the Siteground SSL certificate needs updating again (2-3 months time), the same thing will likely happen so you’ll either need to go back to “DNS only” then, or just keep set to “DNS only” now to avoid downtime.

With “DNS only”, no Cloudflare features can be applied to your site traffic.

Interesting. Well thank you for your help!

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