SSL issue without root certification


After many attempts to issue the certificates for domain the domain does not have the top level root certification authorothy. Does Cloudflare can check that, since all other domains works fine.

The origin certificate is only supposed to be used on a server that is being proxied by Cloudflare. It should not be used as a standalone TLS certificate.

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That is strange since all other certificates are like this (for exemple):

And this one is not. And it is for beeing proxied or not.


That original certificate is only valid for the Cloudflare Edge Servers, while the DNS record is :orange:. If you access the origin server directly it fails. They are two completely different kinds certificates.

The Origin ones are nothing more than self-signed certs, simply signed by Cloudflare so they can trust them.


That it Matteo.
Many thanks.
I did not understood that information on the previous explanation.


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