SSL Issue / Users Can't Download Anything


Every time someone tries downloading a product that they purchased, they experience an “Unsecure Site” error or a “Secure Connection Failed”.

This has happened hundreds of times in the past couple of weeks. This has never happened before. Only recently with Cloudflare.

We are also using S3 to store my products so users can download everything directly from there using a WooCommerce S3 extension. Already spoke with the people who created the S3 extension and they say it’s something wrong with the SSL. Spoke to our host and they said it’s something with Cloudflare. Any ideas?


In Cloudflare SSL settings, make sure your TLS is set to default value which is TLS 1.0

This value ensure that your site should work fine with most client (Browser).

Run a SSL test at to get a hint what’s happening for Safari.

If you are still facing this problem, please check on the another device or you can drop a ticket to support team. They will be happy to look into this.

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