SSL issue, Servers host another unknown website

hello! hope you are fine. I have changed the nameservers according to the details but whenever i type my url the servers point to unknown website and if i type http://… than my website works I have changed the settings under DNS from orange to grey in my cloudfare account. Need help from support

Whats happens when you open your site with https while set to DNS only?

It was an SSL issue i generated a self signed certificate and it was resolved. But my browser is giving certificate error and still showing unsecure SSL

help me out with the settings how can i resolve this SSL issue with cloudfare i have changed the nameservers and waited for 24 hours but the SSL error is still the same

i created a dummy self signed SSL in cpanel but the issue is if i disable the SSL certificate in cpanel my URL points to some unknown website instead of mine

yes i fixed it

how can i get rid of this security error URL :

how can i get rid of this security error URL :

Your domain is not using Cloudflare in either a CNAME or a standard DNS setup. Your questions are best to ask in StackExchange.

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