SSL Issue on Apache2

First time setting up SSL

Working on an Apache2 Server

I have spent the better part of 8 hours trying to configure the Full Encrypted SSL service on my server. I have follow all the guides I could.

I am running a raspberry pi behind a pfsense firewall. My port forwarding works as does my NAT reflection. I have DDNS setup. My server has the .pem and .key files in the <VirtualHost *:443> and ssl mod is enabled. I can use traceroute and get fast hits on the domain.

Here is what works:

  • public IP loads the page from inside my network - and SSL works although it does not trust the CA even through looking at it, it has all of Cloudflares info
  • port forwarding through my pfsense hits the correct local ip
  • functionality of the server works locally - it is not overloaded

What doesn’t work:

  • Any name resolution either in our outside of the network
  • when accessing from outside the network through public IP it gives an SSL error and I cannot connect
  • using the domain name times out and gives the 522 error internally and externally

I will continue the fight tomorrow - thanks for any help / considerations!


I was using ports which did not work with the Cloudflare Proxy, you can find the ones that do work here. Set your firewall to forward on one of those ports… then requests make it through and Full(Strict) encryption is working flawlessly.

I will take the added security of the proxy over the obfuscation of ports, as security by obscurity is really no security at all.

Wow did I learn a lot about apache, pfsense, cloudflare, and well the internet. Got to love it. Hope this helps someone else one day!

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