SSL ISSUE Activation

My site active in SSL. But still opens with http://


Please check . what next step

Solved. Now SSL is working. Thanks

Domain works with https://.
Domain not open directly. Any solution.

You haven’t listed the domain name, so we can’t say.

That sounds like #2 in the linked tutorial.

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this is the issue

Error 526 indicates Cloudflare is unable to successfully validate the SSL certificate on the origin web server. Make sure you have configured a valid certificate on your server. See this 526 Community Tip for suggestions.

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Continue https:// my domain /or
Remove cloud fare DNS to my domain server. Which is the best to me

Please clarify

Cloud fare DNS not supported my direct Domain. My domain working with https. How to solve are remove cloud fare DNS?

What’s the domain?

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526 issue

Please clarify about to fix 526 error

Follow the info I posted earlier:

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Solved. After Change my SSL settings on the SSL/TLS app from ‘Full (strict)’ to ‘Flexible’ .
My Domain working with and without https://.

You should be aware Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice


My domain work with the flexible option only.
Any Process to get these ?
Encrypt certificate, generate a free Cloudflare origin certificate (SSL/TLS app)

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