SSL isn't working or taking a long time compared to another site


Last night i added 2 websites for the free ssl and 1 is completed but I am still waiting for the other. So far it has the green bar and says that its active on Cloudflare but Crypto says that the status is authorizing certificate. The only difference i can think of is the one site was published and the other wasn’t (which is the one i’m still waiting on). Does anyone have any idea why I am stilling waiting on a site. I have since published it but I’m not finished working on the site.


Hi there. Are you still having this issue? It’s been about 24 hours and I would expect to have a cert issued by now on the Free plan. If you still have this problem you may need to escalate by contacting Cloudflare support directly: supportATcloudflareDOTcom


Yes, I am still having the issue. I will escalate it. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile: