SSL is not working



Hi, community!

I have a request for an SSL 2 days ago.

I think configuration is ok but don’t know what’s going on. It’ll take more time? as it is said up to 24h but I am confused. Looking forward to the help.

My domain

Thanks in advance.


Your Page is currently not behind Cloudflare.

Check the DNS records and ensure that thyey are set to :orange:


MarkMeyer should I wait for more days or there is something I did mistake.

Thanks you.



SSL is now working. Thank you for the help.


Welcome :slight_smile:


Please what are the steps you took. Because u have the same issue with my website

Thanks in advance


Please check your DNS record as per markMeyer said.


Hello, I have the similar problem. I activated SSL certificate 2 days ago, did all required settings (change nameservers, added flexible SSL, added page rules for HTTPS, and selected the 2 options available - always use HTTPS and HTTPS rewrites). Also, I installed the plugin to fix the insecure content related to HTPPS and thought I could fix the issue. However, I don’t know what happened because it sometimes shows me the insecure connection and sometimes the full HTTPS. Here is the website: What could be the problem? Is it maybe cache related?


Whatever I try I get redirected to https… :thinking:

But do yourself and you customers a favor: don’t use Flexible. Though I am sure you will use shopify or something similar.


Thank you, now I believe it’s a cache problem.

No, I don’t plan to use Shopify at all. Why it’s good to avoid flexible SSL? I have it on three websites already and never experienced any problem with that.


It#s not really a problem. It’s about security.

Flexible encrypts traffic between your visitors and Cloudflare but traffic between CF and your server remains unencrypted. So anything between them will be transmitted in plain text.


Thank you, it is good to know that. Is there any better solution here with the Cloudflare SSL?


Cloudflare SSL is fine. You just need a certificate on your origin to make use of the full encryption.


I have that too as a form of Cliudflare SSL plugin if that’s enough


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