SSL is not working Worpress on Google Cloud

Hi Guys,

Installed WordPress plugin, set GoDaddy nameservers to Cloudflare but still no SSL sign .

My website is

Please help a complete noob.

Best regards and thank you!

You need to configure your webserver to have a valid HTTPS certificate and properly respond on the HTTPS port.

thank you very much, Sandro!

Could you please point me to the docs? I am a software engineer but a complete noob with websites, hosting etc.

Best regards!

Server configuration is unfortunately a bit beyond the scope of the forum. I’d refer you to Google’s documentation or communities for that. You essentially need your server to listen on port 443 with a valid SSL configuration, along with a valid HTTPS certificate on that machine.

I am sure Google will have more on that, its their product after all.

Thank you. Now I have the knowledge of where to dig.

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