SSl is not showing up on my site?



HI, I am Partho Pratim Mazumder from Bangla Don . I have signed in cloudflare in basic version . The account is active but the green signal is not showing up on the https before the domain name .


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The issue in your case is that there is an insecure form on the page: the search box.
You should change the action to be relative, like so:

<div class="widget-content" role="search">
  <form action="/search" target="_top">
    <div class="search-input">
      <input aria-label="Search this blog" autocomplete="off" name="q" placeholder="Search this blog" value="">
    <label class="search-submit-container">
      <input type="submit">
      <svg class="svg-icon-24 touch-icon search-icon">
        <use xlink:href="/responsive/sprite_v1_6.css.svg#ic_search_black_24dp" xmlns:xlink=""></use>

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