SSL is not installed on a subdomain


Maybe I’m not fully understanding how CloudFlare’s SSL works but I believe I read that it is automatically installed on root and subdomains. However, after adding some DNS records pointing to our new subdomain, the SSL is not installed automatically 2021-11-18_08-57-22 .

Can anyone assist with it?


The error message is quite clear. You have an invalid certificate on your server.

You need to contact your host to get a valid certificate for your domain/hostname.

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Thank you for trying to help! However, as I mentioned, according to what I read, CloudFlare should install the SSL automatically.

I am sorry, but you either misunderstood or the information is just wrong. Cloudflare cannot install anything on your server. All they handle is the proxy certificate, but we are talking about your server certificate here.

So again

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Ok thanks

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