SSL is not Enabled

Hello Cloudflare,

Recently, I purchased one domain from GoDaddy

Then after I took Hosting from Freehosting and made my website. But this time my website look like this -‘’. That means SSL not installed or enabled.

I researched on Google and I got Cloudflare solution on this. I followed step-by-step procedure to install SSL to my webiste. Now, my website look like this which I exactly wanted - ‘’. But unfortunately I can open my website now. It shows “SSL is not enabled”

Check an attachment and please guide me…I wanted to start my startup…Please help…Thanks…!

That means SSL is not enabled on your server and your host charges for that. You either pay them or switch to another host whose offer includes certificates.

There is not much Cloudflare can do. You first need SSL working on your site, otherwise it obviously cannot be secured.

Do you have any suggestions…what to do now…I don’t wanna lose my site… That’s why

Let’s Encrypt, OpenSSL, Cloudflare Origin SSL; Install any of them and you’re all set. No need to pay for SSL.

Thanks man

That host will hardly support free certificates. If they do, you can certainly get an Origin certificate but considering they want to sell them it is unlikely they support that.

So, it’s better to transfer hosting?..Am I right @sandro

That is your choice. You can either pay them or move to a host who offers SSL out of the box. Considering they are a free host I understand they charge that as additional service, but overall SSL should not be charged these days.

It is your call. You either pay them to activate that feature or you switch host. My advice, probably better switching, but again, your call.

Can you suggest another free hosting website which can provide free SSL

I would suggest you go for paid hosting, otherwise I am sure a search engine of your choice will have more details.

But still I want free hosting now…I’ll pay for that hosting accordingly…Any suggestions?

Free hosting for which you pay?

I would suggest using a search engine for that, hosting recommendations are somewhat off-topic for the forum.

Use WordPress as a Static site. No need to pay anything.

Cloudflare worker is free. Netlify is Free. Github is free. What you need? Learn a bit, do research. There is solution. :slight_smile:

Currently I’m on wordpress site…Doing my research :blush:…thanks once again

Thank you both of you guys @user3996 and @sandro…Now my site secured…I appreciate your guidance and friendly behaviour…Thank you so much :blush:

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