SSL is not connecting

SSL is not connecting. After connecting into cloudeflare - in domain it is showing that SSL is not getting connected.

What’s the domain?

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Can you please check if my Site is connected with cloudflare properly. Actually I changed the nameserver in the domain for connecting with cloudflare but there was some problem in my site and the domainprover then retted some of configuration. SO i am not sure if really the site is now connected with cloudflare properly.
Please check and confirm.

The site is proxied by Cloudflare. Without ‘www’, it takes a while for the server to do the redirect, so I suggest you add a Page Rule:
Match:* and add a setting for Forwarding URL (301):$1



I have made changes as u have described in trailing mail and created one page rule. But I think some times too it is getting slower in loading for first time.

Please check and guide how to solve this…

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