SSL is not available and forwarding problems

My domain name is registered with godaddy, but they said that my SSL certificate is in Cloudflare. The SSL certificate of is not available now, what should I do?Now I want to forward to How do I create the page rules?

You’re using GoDaddy nameservers for
DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

First add this domain to Cloudflare, update nameservers, then set page rule.

Once you set your nameservers to Cloudflare ones try these 2 steps

I have updated the nameservers,and this DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool also shows the updated nameservers. Why does Cloudflare still say that is not activated on Cloudflare? Do you have to wait for a while? How to set page rules after activation? I know nothing.Thank you very much for your reply!

Wait 30 minutes. Then check back.

How do I set the page rules now? I want to go to []

  1. Login to Cloudflare
  2. Go to Page rules
  3. Add a Forwarder with 302, later when all looks good you can change to 301

From **


You can remove $2 if you don’t want to forward path

Hi @1078954644,

It looks to me like your page rule is not working due to The orange to orange problem, i.e. because Shopify also uses Cloudflare. If you want to redirect, instead of pointing your domain to Shopify, you will need to remove the DNS records pointing to Shopify and add ones that can be :orange:.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. Two A records have been changed like the picture. Do I need to delete all the CNAME records?

If you aren’t using Shopify with the CNAME and just want to redirect, then yes, you should delete those CNAMEs pointing to Shopify. You then need an :orange: record for any hostnames you want to redirect (probably and www).