SSL is not allowed on this zone (Code: 1001)

I can’t find anything in these forums or Google about this error: “SSL is not allowed on this zone (Code: 1001)”. Cloudflare is working perfectly for this domain, except SSL can’t be activated. I have other sites (under the same account) working just fine.

Do you happen to use any of the ccTLD listed here: Center/Article/View/989/66/banned-country-list

If so, please understand that due to US Export Laws, Comodo, Cloudflare’s SSL Provider, won’t be able to issue a SSL certificate for your domain.

If your TLD is not listed there, try contacting Cloudflare Support as your domain may have triggered a brand check.


Thank you! The TLD is not listed, so probably a brand check indeed. I will contact Cloudflare support.