Ssl is corrupting the theme

I get an error because I use ssl.
The theme of my site seems distorted.
when i close ssl and change dns, is good.
please help me.
it is just in the home directory.,
I have closed all the security, but still continues.
My web site:

Thank you

Try clearing your cache because it works fine for me both desktop and mobile


is corrupting the site’s css file. if you switch to other pages you can see the design properly.

I get a The page isn’t redirecting properly error for Considering this is a WordPress website make sure in General settings of your WordPress both WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL) are set to

When the ssl is active, the design of the site is corrupted.
It’s correct when I log in from the admin panel.
but bad when public check out.
can you please look at these screenshots?
these are the right ones, and click on the link.
how bad you can see.

the other day, i switched ssl off and changed the dns redirection. everything improved.
The disorder is completely caused by cloudflore.
only in the main directory.
all data acceleration and compression operations closed.

Thank you very much to everyone who wants to help.

i had same issue on my wordpress website now my website is running smoothly.

Would it be possible for you to capture a har file with your site loading the correct way?

How did you solve it?

This is entirely due to the cloudflare. I changed the dns information was also resolved but ssl was gone.
and only on the main page, ie in the main directory.

Look at the design of this place.
and here.

Please specify what exactly we should be looking for in either URL. You are familiar with your own site, we are not. And the fact that you see something wrong in one of these URLs doesn’t mean we will see it as well, as caching and browser extensions etc may interfere in the final page output.

What caught my attention here is that your home page has just one CSS file (and a second one for a font), while the /services/ URL has many CSS files:

So it seems that your home page has a CSS file that aggregates many CSS files. If hat is correct, I’d suggest you turn off this feature in you WP installation to see if that solves the problem.

Thank you so much for your help.
To explain the event more clearly,
Can you compare the design of two pages that are exactly the same?
the design difference here is due to cloudflare.
(web design: effects, shadow, menu design,)
Yours truly


So I checked both and it is as @floripare said. There are only two CSS files that are loaded with the normal page and 22 with the same-as-homepage.
Normal Page

Same as homepage

obstructing cloudflare.
when i close ssl everything is normal

Both pages are loaded through cloudflare. So it is not an SSL issue.

i had same issue on maxcdn , so therefor i will give a try to cloudflare and i see same problem

the problem is that some css files are loading from http when u use ssl so many things images you must change the links from http to https , no any redrictions just change http and therefor i stoped to use ssl because its not possible to change everytime when u add a artickle change the path …

plugins maybe can help but i get errors in admin joomla panel with ssl enabled so not try it (maxcdn)

I really cannot see what the issue is. As @Jake1st confirmed, homepage is loading only one CSS that aggregates all others. This has to be solved at the origin level.

There is also this: the homepage is not loading ReCAPTCHA, please check an error on the Developer Tools console. But I don’t see how this could cause the CSS issue.

I dont see what is the real issues on your website
I you have a problem with https or ssl make sure your email was verified
if not force redirect you set always use https and mak redirect 301 on rule setting

2 my websites dan working normally

Thank you, everybody.
I’m gonna fix the problem by closing Cloudflare.
thanks again