SSL is actived but site is insecure after so many try

Plz help me in this I’m getting frustrated with this…my site is -
after so many & revision I get the same result. plz help me to get rid of this insecure sign

hey bro please have a look at my website too…
i face the same problem
help me to get rid of this

That site isn’t using Cloudflare at all. Not Cloudflare name servers, and not Cloudflare proxy servers.

However…it has a self-signed certificate, so if you use Cloudflare, you can set SSL to Full (not strict) and then you’ll get the :lock:.

Hey Guys,

Just set up your SSL on my Wordpress page and still showing as insecure. Any advice on how to fix this? Domain name:


If I use Cloudflare DNS, it sends me to your origin server. If I use other DNS, it routes me through Cloudflare and I get Secure SSL. Can you go to your DNS page here and click the :orange: for your “A” records, then wait five seconds and click it again to turn it back to :orange:? Maybe that will wake DNS up.

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Thank Man, this worked!

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I had the same problem, followed ur instructions but still it didn’t work for me, plz guide me