Ssl is active

ssl is active but not showing https in website www,

Cloudflare SSL is active, but your host is not providing SSL for your domain.

I would immediately change the Hoster if he does such very aggressive marketing!
A Hoster should NEVER ever change (for whatever reason) anything at your DOM/HTML output.
Donst trust a Hoster like this.

Your domain seems to be encrypted from the visitor to CloudFlare, but not from CloudFlare to the origin Server.

To be precise, they are not changing the output and its not exactly marketing either. Their 443 port simply returns the actual site only for customers who bought the certificate.

Ok got it. So he did just not implemented it but bought it?
Then things are ofc ok. Thought this is a very aggressive marketing strategy

Not exactly. They charge for a certificate and he simply didnt buy it, hence his site is not active on SSL, thats why that message appears. Whether that is “aggressive” or not can be debated, but they simply charge for that service.

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