SSL is Active but website is not secure, please help!

My Cloudflare certificate is active and set flexible. Https redirect “ON”
but my site is not secure. what can I do, please help to resolve this issue?

Hi @irshad.rights,

I don’t see a problem with the :tls:, however your website can’t be secure if you use Flexible and don’t have a certificate on your server. Flexible only encrypts the part of the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare, not the part between Cloudflare and your server.

what is this issue and how to resolve this?

If your site wasn’t secure before adding it to Cloudflare, it’s not secure now. Make sure your web host has SSL properly configured for your site. Cloudflare offers a Cloudflare Origin CA cert for this purpose.

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I have deactivated the security plugin inside the WordPress. which caused my website SSL to be installed. My problem is solved. you can also do this if it is not happening. Remove first security plugins and recheck after 1 hrs. Your website SSL now working. 100% solved.

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