SSL is active but site is insecure

My site is the site is built on wordpress. I have updated the nameserver to cloudflare. My encryption mode is flexible. My always use https is on. Always use https is on. But when i am opening the site it is saying site is not secured.

Hi, @ramakantac, I see the site as secure, perhaps clear cache, try incognito, try a different browser, and/or try a mobile device. But, I do see the error " Future home of something quite cool.". There is a #CommunityTip about this error “Future home of something quite cool”. Community Tip.

Port 443 is open but there is an issue with the name on your origin certificate and I see this error, SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ' You’ll want a proper certificate on your origin such that you can use Full (Strict) for end-to-end encryption. But for now, if you change your SSL/TLS setting on the Cloudflare dashboard from Full to Flexible, it should go away.

I’d not leave it at this setting, however. For background on ssl settings, good #Tutorials here, Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice

Thank you.

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