SSL is activated but not working

hi, I’ve used cloudflair but on my site “” it says thai it is not secure

Right now, I’m getting an https redirect loop. You’re probably using Flexible SSL, which means your server needs to act like it’s http only, but you’ve set up a redirect to https on your server.

If you are using Flexible SSL at Cloudflare, make sure your server isn’t trying to redirect to https. You can set this in your Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page for “Always Use HTTPS”

I’ve already done it. and now I’ve put ssl to full just to be sure

Now it’s getting to https just like the last time I put it in full but it goes back to not secure after a few hours or a day at max

Right now, it looks good. Fingers crossed. Do you know why it was Not Secure before? Sometimes it’s Mixed Content, and sometimes it’s just something wrong with the certificate. Chrome’s Dev Tools is good for troubleshooting this. Use the Security tab in Dev Tools.

I am facing the same problem. I have always use https ON, but still facing the problem.

Hi Sdayman! I have been facing the same issue. Please make us clear what should be the selection for Alwasy use HTTPS

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