SSL installation: Dreamhost works, Cloudflare doesn't

Our site is

We have both a Dreamhost and a Cloudflare account. We are trying to add an SSL certificate from Comodo but it is still not secure. It has already been installed correctly on the Dreamhost side, but we are getting errors on when we test on cloudflare. I did the tests here:

(1) Dreamhost:
(2) Cloudflare: we did this test but can’t show the direct link because new Cloudflare Community users are only allowed two links here.

I have changed the status to “Full (strict)” but the errors persist. Do we need to add the certificate to Cloudflare as well or is the Dreamhost certificate installation enough?

Also, if we do need to install the certificate on Cloudflare, how do we go about that? It says we need a business account to upload it but we don’t want to pay for a business account to install a single certificate. Or do we simply use the universal certificate. and if so, please advise on that process.

Please advise on what you think our next steps should be. Thanks!

You don’t need to install the Comodo certificate at Cloudflare. When I try your site, it redirects to www without the https. Trying https gets me a SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP. It sounds like Cloudflare hasn’t deployed the TLS certificate yet. What does the Edge Certificates section of TLS/SSL in the Cloudflare dashboard look like? Is should be similar to this:

Thanks for the response! It looks exactly the same EXCEPT the status is “Timed Out (Validation)”

I don’t recall if Dreamhost has a partner setup with Cloudflare, but you’re using Dreamhost name servers and your site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare. With that in mind, it looks like those certs won’t be created at Cloudflare if you’re not yet using Cloudflare.

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